Security Innovation Spotlight

Security Innovation Spotlight


InnovationPosted by Dave Sat, May 31, 2014 11:21:13

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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges”

(Sir Isaac Newton)

Welcome to my new blog. I intend to use this spot to offer some reflections on what’s happening in our world and beyond, and to speculate as to where future SMART innovations are leading us (I’m tempted to say I’ll do a bit of Fortune telling!)I hope that this blog will be both thought provoking and informative (it would be great to read your thoughts on my witterings). So to start, well firstly I must say how exciting things are with us at the moment. I have just returned from an extremely productive meeting in Spain with some exceptionally inspirational people whose commitment to advancement in our field is totally awesome. I very much look forward to our future fruitful association. I believe that we must work collaboratively and pool our expertise to meet the formidable flux of complex challenges ahead (more on these in future blogs) There’s no doubt in my mind that solutions are out there, although sometimes these can be hidden from immediate view in the deeper recesses of the technological well .To blow our trumpet here I feel that one of the strengths we bring to the table is our unrivalled ability to spot those whom others may well miss or overlook. In our world small can indeed be beautiful and let’s face it the smallest cog may well be the one that makes the wheel turn most efficiently.

Moving on, I read this week on the B.B.C website about the development by German company Armatix of a Smart gun. A Smart gun is a firearm that implements various technologies, including proximity sensors, biometrics, magnets, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and microchips. This new application uses an internal tracking device on the gun and a watch basically the gun will not fire if it is away from the owner. Now this is actually not new technology, it dates back to the 70s and certainly types of Smart gun have been used by the military across the world. For me what makes it interesting is that it’s now is coming to the fore as the media are picking up the story, no doubt following on from recent tragic cases involving guns. I don’t want to go into the arguments surrounding the use of this technology here, but I do feel that as leaders of technological innovation we must be ready to face and respond to issues arising from what can seem to be, from our perspective at least, a straight forward application of innovative technology addressing criminal misuse.

A final thought to end this first blog; what excites me about our field is that we are just beginning to unlock the possibilities of technologies ( to be honest I feel that we do have some catching up to do as for too long we have settled on being reactive rather than proactive) . We need to be un-blinkered in where we look for technology (again more on this in future blogs) and sensitive to the ever evolving challenges we face, not forgetting the immense opportunities for growth that are out there. We must embrace the opportunities for advancement and enhancement of safety and security with the application of technologies, never has there been a time when we can push barriers and really make a difference both to individuals and to companies, governments and countries In a nutshell we all must aim to be SMARTER ........ many saw the apple fall, but Newton was the only one who asked why.